Diddy Sells $70M LA Mansion After Federal Raid, Plans to Depart City

Diddy is selling his Los Angeles mansion for $70 million after a federal raid in March, and plans to leave the city for good. TMZ reported The renowned rapper purchased the Holmby Hills estate for $40 million in 2014, but recent events have prompted him to seek a substantial profit on the resale.

In March, Homeland Security conducted a raid on the premises in connection with investigations into potential illicit activities such as human trafficking. The search led to a thorough inspection of the residence, including the removal of electronic devices and other items.

Allegedly looking to part ways with Los Angeles permanently, Diddy does not intend to scout for a new residence in the city. His primary whereabouts have been in Miami, where he has been spending the majority of his time.

A grand jury is currently reviewing evidence related to undisclosed matters, but the timeline for their decision on potential indictments remains uncertain

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