US and Germany Allow Ukraine to Use Western Weapons Against Targets Inside Russia

Germany and the United States have agreed to let Ukraine utilize weaponry from the West, including long-range missiles, to attack targets within Russia close to the Kharkiv area. This policy shift represents a partial lifting of the earlier prohibition on Ukraine launching assaults on Russian territory with weaponry supplied by the United States.

In order for Ukraine to retaliate against Russian forces that are assaulting or planning to attack them, the US President recently gave his team instructions to make sure that Ukraine can utilize US-supplied weaponry for counterfire purposes in the Kharkiv region. Germany has joined the US in enabling Ukraine to defend itself against attacks on the Kharkiv region from within Russia by using the weaponry that they have provided.

This move is perceived as an attempt to support Ukraine in more successfully fending off the Russian invasion. If the Biden administration fully approves strikes on the nation using US-made weapons, then this action could enable Ukraine’s armored forces to establish a 400 km deep “no-go zone” for Russian troops in Russia, according to former 1st Royal Tank Regiment Commanding Officer Hamish de Bretton-Gordon.

Germany’s military aid to Ukraine consists of both monetary donations and supplies from the Federal Armed Forces. Germany has promised over 7.1 billion euros in military aid in 2024 alone, including money for the purchase of military hardware. Since the Russian aggression began in 2022, Germany has contributed military assistance totaling about 5.2 billion euros.

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