Chappell Roan Is a Drag Songbird

You know how songs are super-short now for streaming, and it makes it so they don’t have time for a bridge? Well,  Chappell Roan   just went on The Tonight Show dressed as a drag bird and subtextually called everybody avoiding bridges an idiot. On June 20, Roan sang “Good Luck, Babe!” on late night for the first time, and the peak of the performance came as she started in on the bridge: “When you wake up next to him in the middle of the night / With your head in your hands, you’re nothing more than his wife.” Underneath a bunch of artificial fog, a dense wig, long nails, and feathers on her face, Roan stared directly into the camera and positively haunted the girl she was singing about. Then, she got up and belted the final chorus with a sense of desperation (and an ironclad voice). We’re not great with maps, but we’re pretty sure this is how you cross the bridge to superstardom.

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