6-year-old girl named Laura being pregnant has gone viral, prompting widespread disbelief and skepticism among netizens

The incredible story of a 6-year-old girl named Laura being pregnant has surfaced online, causing a wave of incredulity and doubt.

According to a Facebook video recorded by a Mango Park officer, Laura’s suspected pregnancy was discovered after her parents, John and Lucy, saw her tummy fast growing.

They initially assumed it was just gas or a digestive issue, but as Laura’s health apparently worsened by the day, they were increasingly concerned.

Concerned about their daughter’s health, the parents sought medical guidance, which resulted in a battery of tests performed by experts.

Surprisingly, the findings revealed that Laura was many months pregnant. This shocking discovery apparently left her parents stunned and unable to cope with the unexpected news.

Days later, Laura began to experience extreme agony, leading her parents to hurry her to the hospital, where she was anticipated to give birth.

However, what physicians reportedly discovered during labor surpassed everyone’s expectations. Laura’s pregnancy has sparked a wide range of comments online, with many expressing incredulity and doubt.

Netizens Reactions…

Sarah Taylor said; “If these there are true cases of children being pregnant so young, the question should be who the hell got them pregnant!!! not if it’s possible.”

Denise Corsi asked; “How can she be pregnant at 6 did she have her period.”

Melissa Moermond replied; “Denise Corsi it’s called ‘precocious puberty’ and is a disorder where girls younger than 10 get their periods. The youngest girl to ever give birth was Lina Madina. She was 5 and some months. The child was born healthy and lived as siblings with his mother, and the grandparents as his parents until later in life when he was told of the true situation. Father of the baby was never identified.”

Burnetta Joyful Jones said; “Not true at all there is no way this could happen to a child at 6 years old. Im definitely not gonna believe it.”

Suzanne Henley said; “No child at that age has a menstruation.”

Darryl Fox said; “No I don’t want too continue to watch.”

“That just very much disturbed me..”

Rosey Red said; “She doesnt even Have a period at 6.”

Michael George said; “May the hand of Almighty God be with her in any surgery that will made it IJN I pray Amen.”

Zowy Zodwa said; “Never she s not pregnant a little girl 2 never.”

Rosey Red said; “She can’t even have a period at 6.”

Jen Caney replied; “Rosey Red it’s called precocious puberty and it happens much more than you’d realize.”

Wonder Granny said; “Way too young for her eggs to be released from her ovaries to get pregnant.”

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