October 22, 2020

Why Buhari must seek forgiveness from my dad and Jonathan –Shagari’s son

Aminu Shagari, three-term House of Representatives member and lawyer son of the late President Shehu Shagari, talks about Nigeria’s 60th independence, his disappointments with the Muhammmadu Buhari regime, how the country got it wrong, among others, in this interview with ADENIYI OLUGBEMI

What are the striking changes between Nigeria of today and Nigeria of your father’s time?

There are many differences between Nigeria at that time and Nigeria now. During my father’s administration as the president of Nigeria, I know that civil servants served the country diligently and there was a remarkable difference between a civil servant and a contractor. Then, people were passionate about serving and developing Nigeria but leaders and followers don’t have those traits again.

What was your father’s view about the direction Nigeria was going before his death?

Honestly, he was very disappointed that Nigeria had derailed from the dreams of her founding fathers and one of the things he was mostly concerned about was the level of decadence and drug abuse among our youths. Then, in his last days, he was concerned about the incessant killings, insecurity, poverty and the growing population of orphans in the society

Did the situation in the country ever make him shed tears?

No, I never saw him shed tears over anything. He was a God-fearing man, who believed so much in God. I never saw him shed tears; even when three of my siblings died in a motor accident, he never shed tears.

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