November 28, 2020

Full story concerning Benny and 2baba – blackface

– Controversial Nigerian singer of defunct Plantashun Boiz group has taken to social media called out his former band mate, 2baba, for the umpteenth time

– Blackface questioned 2baba about the death of one Benny who happened to have been their driver

– The singer asked for details about Benny’s family so he could reach out to them as he explained who the mysterious man was to them

Nigerian singer, Blackface, recently took to social media to call out his former Plantashun Boiz band mate, 2baba, for what seemed like the 100th time.

The controversial music star questioned 2baba about the death of a certain man named Benny and why he did not share the news of his demise with the world.

In one of the series of posts on his Instagram page, Blackface told fans to help him ask 2baba why Benny died and he did not tell the world.

He asked that anyone who could help with useful information to reach his family should do that.

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