November 24, 2020

7 Things to do before 8am to GUARANTEE 24/7 Success!

It’s 6am and your alarm is persistently pulsating on the nightstand beside your bed. It’s time to
rise and shine! But wait.
As you wake up, embracing the following 7 habits can help you achieve significant success.

  1. Spiritual-Eyes: First and foremost, wake up with Spiritual-Eyes! This simply means to wake up with a grateful
    heart. Before you roll out of bed or even open your eyes, you can say something like, “Thank you God for returning my
    soul to me today. Great is the faith you must have in me. Please help me make a positive impact today!”
  2. Meditate and Memorize: As a Christian, I meditate on and memorize a short verse from the Bible. If you are of
    another faith, you might read your Holy Book or you might even select great motivational material from today’s
    thinkers like Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard or Nido Qubein or from late greats like Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Jim Rohn
    or Zig Ziglar. Whatever you choose be consistent in meditating and memorizing on a daily basis.
  3. Educate and Exercise: My book, “Walking, Living, and Learning!” was written to encourage people to combine
    exercise and personal development. Simply download audio books or podcasts to your phone or MP3 player and then
    walk 30 to 60 minutes a day while listening.
    Walking can prevent or even reverse some types of sicknesses and diseases and we both understand the importance
    of personal development, don’t we? Generate more physical and mental energy for your day with education
    and exercise!
  4. Energize: After walking, energize your body with a healthy breakfast!
    Experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ensure you energize your body right by feeding
    yourself like a champion! Fruits, fibre, whole grains and protein are all important to help you get started right!
  5. Strategize: George Bernard Shaw said, “Few people think more than two or three times a year, I have made an
    international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week.”
    Imagine what you can do by thinking and strategizing each day! As you strategize you can create and review your;
     Daily to do list
     Project to do list
     Long term goals list
  6. Prioritize: Even Superman can’t do EVERYTHING!
    Once you strategize, take time to prioritize your one to three most important tasks for the day. You might start by
    asking yourself; “If I could only accomplish one thing today – what REALLY needs to get done?”
  7. Visualize: It’s almost time to get to work, but before you start, close your eyes and visualize yourself as the
    confident, successful, productive person that you are!
    See yourself accomplishing every one of your priorities and making a real difference for your company, clients and
    See yourself as the person you were meant to be, because in fact that ancient Proverb is still true, “As a man thinks in
    his heart, so is he!”
    As you wake up with Spiritual-Eyes and then Meditate & Memorize, Educate and Exercise, Energize, Strategize,
    Prioritize and then Visualize, you will definitely mesmerize others as you go throughout your day, career & life!

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